Introduction to the Sky.
Introductory and Scenic Flights, Flight Training, Commercial Pilot Services.

Discovery & Scenic Flights

Only $199 for an introductory flight in single engine airplanes.

The best way to get introduced to flying is to take control of the airplane yourself, under the supervision of a certified instructor. During your first flight, I will provide:

Multi-engine airplane $349 introductory lesson.

Whether you are a pilot interested in transitioning to larger and more powerful airplanes, or if you want to take that initial flight in a multi-engine plane, this is the solution for you. Bring along up to 2 friends to share the experience with you. All the enjoyment and excitement of flying single engine planes, with the added benefits of more power provided by an extra engine. More speed, cabin space, and larger payload.

Contact me to book your first flight. Plan to spend about 2 hours at the Palo Alto Airport. You can bring a second person along. And don't forget your camera.

Email:; Phone: 650-753-9231